Blessed Is She

In the summer of 2011, I was living with my boyfriend and our three year old son and and we had no plans to get married anytime soon.  He was against it, I was for it.  I was distraught wondering if our relationship was going anywhere.  We had already been together for 5 years.

Our disagreements finally led up to a day that summer where I told him I couldn't live and love someone who I had no future with.  I told him I had made a plan for how we would handle our family situation after we went our separate ways.  After I told him everything on my heart, he took my hand and looked at me and said, " God will save our family."

At this time, we didn't know God.  I knew God, had a deep relationship with him, but had decided to leave him and take care of myself 5 years earlier.  Ben found God but never developed a relationship with him.  So when those words came out of his mouth, when we didn't even allow God in our life, I knew right then the Lord was about to do some mighty things to us and our family.

Blessed Is She - Anna Joy French Designs


God gave me this verse when I began praying over my family and declaring that He would save us.  Because honestly, sometimes I felt like I was going nuts.  Did I really hear him say he was going to save us?  Am I just holding on to something because I'm too scared to let go?  Surely God will not save us because we have done too much wrong (which that is a lie folks.  There's nothing that we have done that is "too much wrong" that is outside of Jesus' redemption).

Anytime the outside voices, or Satan's voice, or my voice made me doubt the promise that God laid in my heart, I prayed this verse over myself.

So if there is something that the Lord has promised to you and you feel like you must be going crazy, I hope this verse will encourage you through the waiting season.

"Blessed is she who believes that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her." -Luke 1:45

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