My name is Anna French and I am a designer living in Fort Worth, Texas. I graduated from University of Texas in Arlington with a degree in Visual Communications.  I currently work as a graphic and web designer for a digital marketing agency.

I am a self-taught sewer/quilter.  I started learning from the internet, reading tutorials and watching YouTube videos in 2007 when I wanted to make my 6 month old son a quilt. I created For The Love of Joy, a small business that once specialized in quilted child's name pillows, quilted nursing pillow covers, and quilts.  I no longer take custom orders but have written out my patterns, including my Name Pillows, for others to continue to make.  I want to pass down my knowledge to other young women out there who may be seeking the same creative outlet that I had once desired.

I am inspired by the wide-open Texas country, quiet evenings, delicious food, working out and being active, listening to people's stories, a good book, pretty homes, lovely patterns, all the colors, laughing with friends,  my beautiful family, and seeking Jesus in all things.